Meet Our Team

Dr. Cynthia Becker​

Chiropractic has always been a part of my life – I received my first chiropractic adjustments as a child growing up in Wisconsin.  When it became time to decide what my path in life was – chiropractic was the choice that created a way for me to be of service to others, nurture health and well-being, and fill my need to be continually learning.  I announced to my family my decision and decided to attend Palmer College of Chiropractic. 

I opened the doors of Becker Chiropractic 30 years ago, with dreams of helping people live their best lives.  I always knew the impact of chiropractic care, but it was never so clear as when I began adjusting my own children.  They received their first adjustments as newborns, and I was able to see firsthand the impact a healthy spine and balanced nervous system had on their lives.  Today, Becker Chiropractic cares for individuals and families of all ages.  We strive to create a family environment where we care for you like one of our own family members. 


Hello, I am Kathy and I have been with the Becker Chiropractic team for 15 incredible years.  My family and friends are very important to me in my life.  I have many outdoor hobbies and really enjoy the power of nature itself.   Photography and design are my relaxing mojos.  

I love the fact that I can come into this friendly safe office environment and communicate to patients the path of chiropractic care.   I have seen many positive patient transformations with chiropractic care which lead to rediscovering their own overall health and wellness needs.  

I thank Dr. Cindy for allowing me to grow as our office moves forwards with new technology creating new opportunities for a successful way of life. 


I joined Dr. Cindy’s team as a Chiropractic Assistant in February 2022. I enjoy connecting with patients and helping them find success on their journey of health and wellness. I love music and spending time with my family. When I am not with family, I am surrounding myself with friends. I believe the best things in life are the people we love, the places we’ve been and the memories we make.


I believe in the healing power of touch and the ability massage has to provide physical and mental health benefits.  I have over 14 years of massage experience in a chiropractic care setting, specializing in Swedish and chair massage therapies.   

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