Standing Desks

Are Standing Desks a Good Idea?? In our technology driven world, many people now have sedentary jobs – jobs that keep us glued to a computer screen and a desk.  Having the option of a standing desk helps reduce the health risks that come with sitting all day. A standing desk can help with the […]

HRV and Chiropractic

HRV and Chiropractic I began paying attention to this several years ago after getting a fitness band that tracks HRV.  So what is HRV you say?  HRV stands for heart rate variability. Your first thought might be – “Is that a good thing? Should my heart rate vary?”  The answers are yes and yes. According […]

How much water do I really need?

How Much Water Do I Really Need? We discuss water intake a lot in the office.  Why?  Water is crucial to the health of your joints, including your spine. It is thought that approximately 75% of the US population is chronically dehydrated.  This simply means that over an extended period of time, we aren’t drinking […]

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